About Cabana Sol®

Everything you want to know about the business and the history of Cabana Sol

About Cabana Sol®

The CABANA SOL® concept is a unique EXOTIC EXPERIENCE, when you enter, you stroll on a pier, which leads you to a real village of the Caribbean, through an enchanting setting , surrounded by exotic plants, surrounded by tropical smells and bewitched by the singing of birds. Very quickly, customers are elsewhere!

A team of experts to provide services

The customer is then greeted by a courteous and experienced staff, who takes the time to meet him… If desired, our staff will even propose a personalized tanning schedule taking into account the types of skin, lifestyle or even food.

The customer is received as a guest

CABANA SOL®is much more than a tanning salon! It offers you a brand new club concept whose staff will be happy to enumerate the many benefits reserved exclusively for members. Members receive a membership card with various packages of number of minutes that they can then use whenever they want.

The equipments used are the safest possible and staff must take a course at Association des Salons de Bronzage du Québec (ASBQ) whose CABANA SOL® is a member.

Our equipment

Cabana Sol® uses high-end equipments to ensure your comfort and safety. All our branches are equipped with the latest beds, standing tubes or facial.

Enter this tropical paradise, where relaxation and peace of mind you will emerge fully rejuvenated, revived, backtracked, enlivened!

Our History

In 2002 Michel Brosseau and Réal Lavoie were researching for starting a new business. They then conducted an investigation of the market of tanning and discussed several types of salons in operation here and elsewhere.

The objective was to create a new type of tanning salon with a decor and ambiance that reminds you your last vacation. They then planned the concept CABANA SOL® .

The concept actually offers a unique atmosphere, welcoming and exotic with tanning rooms made of straw huts, a sidewalk of wood, lush plants, music from the islands, appropriate smells and a knowledgeable staff.

CABANA SOL® by its originality has been the subject of news report on TVA and on VOX. CABANA SOL® is the result of the research work of its designers Michel Brosseau and Mr. Réal Lavoie.